Our nannies are here for you; to provide care on a regular, weekly,fortnightly, sometimes monthly, basis for your family. This can include before and after school care, weekend care and school holiday care. We personalise each selection for families so we can help you get the best experience possible.


As needed casual care, most often for important appointments, date nights and functions.

Enjoy your time away whilst your children are whisked into a world of blanket forts, stories and sensory experiences!


Commonly used by parents who are ill, on bed rest, are new parents or just need that little bit of extra help. Our nannies take over a lot of the motherly duties which most often includes slightly more housework then a normal nanny placement. A godsend for new mothers in need.


We understand many families do not always have the luxury of having family or friends close by in the event of childbirth. Our experienced nannies are able to be on call 24/7 for expecting mothers who require care of their other children during the birth of their new addition.


Perfect for parents who need to attend functions or for arrangements out of town or even overseas. We help you select a nanny who can take over care while you get business done, so you can have peace of mind.


Little Wonders offers a range of specialised care options for defence families (both on and off base) which include’s care in home, in community houses + centres as well as for defence functions and events. Our mission is to ensure defence families experience as little interruption to their in-home care requirements as possible.


This is our specialty and our favourite service! We specialise in providing brides and grooms alike with their perfect wedding care option for all children on their special day. For those who don’t like the idea of anyone being excluded, let us take care of the children so your friends and family can truly celebrate your special once in a lifetime occasion.


Travelling for work or pleasure, anywhere in the world. Allow us to provide care for your children at your accommodation whilst you give yourself a little bit of child free R&R, escape for a spot of shopping, attend events or more! Let us help you actually enjoy your holiday this season.


Perfect for private celebrations whether it be christmas parties, birthdays or anniversaries!

We customise the perfect care package to include exactly what you need: Nannies, loads of activities and all the children’s comforts you can think of to make a party heaven!


For families wishing to combine the costs of care we offer the option of joint care.

Perfect for girls’ nights, family and friends’ gatherings and Sunday afternoon BBQ’s. Let us take the pressure off so you can enjoy your guests.


With the opportunity for trips to local zoo’s, national parks, theme parks and attractions nearest to you! Nannies can plan a safe, fun filled and educational adventure for your cherubs. Whether you’re needing an extra set of hands, or a nanny to take your children on adventure’s for you, we are here to help!


Are you NDIS approved for funding? Whilst we aren’t a registered NDIS provider there could be options allowing you to still claim care with us. We are privileged to have a few fantastic, experienced support workers as part of our team to assist with your care needs.

Let us help you Find Balance