Ideally as much as possible. The more notice we have the more likely we are able to find a suitable care replacement for you. Where possible please allow a minimum 24-48hrs notice for babysitting requests (more in high demand periods) and a minimum two weeks for any regular care you might require.

Yes. We value our team just as much as our families. Our team members ensure their availability matches your needs. Sometimes this means another family may miss out on their chance to have care with their favourite babysitter – our casual care is first in first serve.  Cancellation fees may be waived in special circumstances. No cancellation fee is charged should a nanny or babysitter be unavailable.

We are a no cash in hand service. Should you wish to provide a nanny or a babysitter with a cash tip that is completely fine however this amount will not be deducted from your final invoice. All invoices are sent to your designated email address within 7 days of your booking.

Currently No. Little Wonders does not currently offer the Child Care Subsidy. Alternatively we work with families to create the best payment plans for regular forms of care.

We pride ourselves on 24/7 service apart from Public Holidays and scheduled admin closures (which can be seen on Facebook and Instagram). This means we do have nannies most often available 24/7 given enough notice.

Our Admin Hours however are:

Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 6.00pm
Saturdays & Sundays by appointment only

Whilst admin is closed on all national and state public holidays if we have a nanny or babysitter who is happy to work with you, we are more than happy for them to do so. Public Holiday care is best arranged in advance.

Yes – that’s our goal! Having a nanny (more regular care) is easier to guarantee that you have the same person as part of your family. However, we work on a model of two babysitters per family maximum where possible for casual as needed babysitting – this gives you the option of creating a bond with a second babysitter to your children are familiar if your first selection isn’t available.

On occasion illness or changes to availability can happen. Given enough notice we ill help you select another member of our team to replace your chosen babysitter, if this option is something you are comfortable to explore. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if no one is available for you.

Definitely. All trips outside the care premises must be approved by a parent first unless in the case of an emergency. Travel with children in vehicles may attract travel charges. Parents are responsible for supplying car seats in line with current QLD standards.

Yes. However, use of a vehicle that is not their own is totally up to the agreement you negotiate with your babysitter/nanny. Families are responsible for holding the correct insurances for all vehicles used and that the vehicle is in road worthy condition.

Little Wonders team members are all required to hold a current Public Liability Insurance Policy for liability of up to $20,000,000 (public and products liability).

All team members are also responsible for all insurances for vehicles used for the purposes of travel to and from care placements.

Parents are responsible for all home related and vehicle insurances if they wish for the babysitter to use their car.

All families are responsible for their own vehicle, home contents and house insurance policies. Please talk to an insurance professional for more information on what might be covered under your policy.

Yes definitely! Males can be an excellent addition to a care team and are brilliant for group care as well as in home care.

We understand life happens.

Our cancellation fees are:
$35.00 per casual or regular booking
$70.00 per regular arrangement

We pride our team on being unique, diverse and passionate. We have team members who have anywhere for 12 months experience to over 15 years’ experience caring for children.

To see more about our team qualifications, see Our Team

We are more then happy to help those who help us. If you are in a position where you may not be able to pay the full amount of your invoice by the due date, please contact Little Wonders Management for a payment extension or to arrange a payment plan. Please note late payments fee’s may still apply.

Little Wonders aim is to provide care based on the needs of each individual family – this can mean that often some family’s needs to not fit into a common care types described in our Care Types section. Often families require a form of care that might be multiple forms of care. Please contact us so we can discuss with you what your best options might be

Being nervous is 100% okay! We have multiple families who have never required care by anyone apart from family and friends. Our goal is to walk you through the process so you have an understanding of how we take the time to ensure we can fit the best care for your family. Trusting someone to look after your children is a very important step – we are here for you each step of the way!

No – we don’t, any admin fees are included in the hourly or package rate we negotiate with you. All rates will also include GST (10%)

Definitely! We pride ourselves on travelling to families and events in rural area’s! We have provided care for families throughout all Southern QLD including a far west as Meandarra and Roma

Let us help you Find Balance