Our Core Values

Little Wonders pride and joy is being able to provide personalized unique care that allows families to be more comfortable and supported. Little Wonders offers families a way to feel guilt free about taking time out to recharge- in fact we fully support it 100%!


By keeping our ratios low we are able to provide that one on one-time children so need to build keys areas of their physical and mental development.


Our nannies are not only part of our team due to their experience or qualifications but also because of their passion.


There is nothing worse than a service that doesn’t make it real. We know each family is unique and we strive to offer a personalised service that allows you to feel welcomed and valued.


Whilst we may not be able to fix every problem, we strive to be an understanding and compassionate team who can make you feel at ease.


Ensuring all our values are true, sustainable and where possible environmentally friendly is so very important to the world we live in! We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint on many levels as well as teaching the next generations about the beauty of caring for our amazing planet!

Our Mission

By ensuring we can where possible personalise your care experience we are able to better select the nanny or babysitter who can join your family.

Without exceptional nannies we cannot provide exception care. We take the time to select the right members of our team to ensure we are connecting you with real valuable people for your family.

We are constantly researching, planning and implementing new ways to ensure your care experience remains easy, stress free and where possible cost effective.

Without our Wonder Team we cannot provide wonderful care

Our Footprint

  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in a number of ways- we only have one earth so we are nurturing it as much as we can!
  • Less Paper More Digital – with launching our website and app we are able to better accommodate your bookings and care needs
  • Recycled Activities where possible – our creative nannies are always concocting spectacular craft and sensory fun from natural and reusable resources. Our Toy Library (access to nannies only) provides our team with a plethora of reusable options to reduce the need to purchase
  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products where possible – our comfort styling items are washing in eco friendly (and skin friendly) cleaning agents to ensure we limit the impact on the environment
  • Teaching children about nature and their environment – reducing our footprint also includes education.
  • Caring for our People, Our Earth and our Animals – Little Wonders only donates to Australian charities that are focused on bettering our world

Let us help you Find Balance