Nicole Horton, Director of Little Wonders Australia

Thank you for taking this chance to get to know me a little more!

It is so important for me to connect with as many families throughout Australia to ensure we can provide the best care catered to each family’s needs.

I’m a country girl born and bred with over 13 years experience in the childcare industry. My experience spans over numerous care categories including; day care, before and after school care (in both public and private schools), additional needs, teachers aide and speech aide for years P-7 in addition to numerous years as a nanny for infants and children birth- 16 years (individuals, twins and families of up to 8 children).

So why did I start the journey of creating Australia’s best recommended care service?

I had this vision from a very young age of creating a care journey for families that was as stress free and carefree as possible – our world is getting busier often creating added stress for parents and children. I was blessed with nurturing parents and growing up on agricultural properties in Southern QLD (grain, sheep and cattle) so I have a plethora of learning opportunities! As time passed I saw the great need for personalised and authentic care for families far and wide- a chance to explore nature, the senses and indulge in a world of wonder through play!

I feel it’s so vital for our children to grow up with the nurturance to develop the skills to become the creative, resilient geniuses that our future needs!

I am a firm believer of jumping in puddles, discovering our wonderful world and reading stories in the cosiness of an epic blanket fort decked with fairy lights!

The freedom we had to discover, create and play as children is something we take for granted as we grow and join the bustling world of ‘busy’- sometimes we forget that children can easily  get lost in such a vast world of ever changing technologies, advancements and growth.

It’s important for us to reconnect with our children, families and nature each and every day to make for an even more amazing world!

We have so many exciting changes this year- so many wonderful nannies and sitters joining our team! I’m excited to extend our care services to more locations including Brisbane (divided into 4 sections North, East, West and South), Ipswich and Darwin (in addition to Toowoomba)

This year celebrates Little Wonders 7th year and I’m excited to be a part of your 2020!


Nicole Horton

Managing Director & Care Co-ordinator

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