Are you hosting an end of year celebration, work party or a launch for your business or family and friends?

When you register your event with Little Wonders all guests attending your event (and appointments in relation to your event- beauty, hair etc.) will receive a discount on all services!

Perfect for Events with 10 or more guests such as;

  • Private or Public Events (birthdays, engagements, anniversaries)

  • Christmas Parties

  • Work Related Events (work meetings, workshop’s and social events)
  • Gala’s & Open Days

  • Winery Tours

  • Adult Only Events

  • Family Friendly Events

  • Ladies Only Events

  • Male Only Events

This is our way of:

  • Supporting Local- We understand that events budgets can be costly, you’re in the process of growing your business (so money can be tight!), we want to encourage more people to support you by attending your events!
  • Showing the LOVE! We’re excited about supporting all families and businesses in any way we can!

What You Receive:

  • FREE event registration- no fees and no catches!
  • Exclusive discounts and offers for all guests attending your event!

Free to register!