Giving you back the time you need to build a balanced family life

Little Wonders specialises in working with busy working families who need to find a little more balance

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Guilt-free assistance for parents who need time to create more balance

Creating nurtured, confident children without the chaos of a busy life

Assisting parents to strengthen friendships and relationship through better life balance

How we help busy families find better balance

Life is busy. The good news is that we’re not supposed to do it all on our own.

  • Everyone needs a little balance in life. And when you’re working, being a parent, and being an adult, sometimes you just need a break – or a hand with the children. And that’s 100% ok.
  • Naturally, no two families are exactly the same. So no two approaches to caring for children are the same. Rather than give you a rate card, we work with you to build something that works.

We've worked with many busy families

  • Our nannies provide frequent updates during care for your peace of mind
  • Our nannies are trusted with families from all backgrounds. From defence to leadership, celebrity and everyday parents.
  • Little Wonders is founded, owned and operated in Australia.
  • We’ve been proudly caring for children since 2014.
  • Our team have both the qualifications and experience to match your needs.

What our clients are saying about us

It was just so easy. I booked the time, went out and did what I had to do, and when I got back there was no chaos, just everything the way it should be.

Jennifer, Toowoomba

How It Works

  • Discovery Consultation

    Let’s chat about what you need so we can match it with what we do.

  • Custom Package

    We design a unique package for you so you understand everything before you commit

  • Select and meet your nanny

    Once you accept, you can select a nanny and meet them to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy to work together

  • Care with peace of mind

    While your children are in our care, we’ll stay in touch for your peace of mind..

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